This poem is one of a series of poems I wrote about
several paintings done by a friend.  Poems and paintings
went on exhibition at Southwell Minster and it was
very satisfying to see them together for that one time.   


                      THE ARTIST AND HER FISH

                   Fling the wide river of life right
                   around the world.
                   Fling it round.
                   Fill it with coral and weed,
                   Whales and whelks and beautiful fish,
                   Fill it with mollusc and minnows and those
                   pearly pink shells
                   You can hear the sound of the sea in.
                   Spill it onto the land.
                   Spill it over,
                   Swooning and singing with the voices of angels,
                   Or the roar of a giant,
                   Or the steady murmuring lisp of a baby falling asleep.
                   Fill it, Lord.
                   Be bountiful.
                   Crab.  Lobster.  Cockles.  Flat fish.
                   Round fish.  Jelly fish.  Fish with square noses.
                   Sword fish.  Dog fish.  Cod fish
                   And my beautiful yellow fish.
                   Let them swim
                   In the wide river of life you have flung
                   around the world.                
                                                                 © Gwen Grant                                                                                     


  1. Good afternoon…

      🌺🌺        🌵
    🌺😜🌺   🌵🌸🌸
      🌺🌺        🌸👶🌸
         🌵        🌵🌸🌸
             🌵          🌵
    🍃🌵          🌵     
         🌵          🌵
         🌵          🌵

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