CLOSING THE GAP               

When we get to a certain age
Or even reach a certain stage
In this all singing, all dancing,
All leaving, all grieving
Musical Festa sometimes known as Living,
Waking in a morning,
To that first startling recognition
Of being alive,
Alive, and to a certain extent, kicking,

We approach
The mirror with caution,
Blinking at our reflection.
Thinking we look a bit older
Than we did yesterday morning.

This is the point at which, sensibly,
We quote a touch of philosophy.
‘I think, therefore I am.’
That’s what the man said, obviously.
Whatever! We’re glad we woke again.

For it gives us one more chance
To be with those
Who left the Festa before us.
To love them, remember them,
Listen to their singing,
‘I was, therefore I am,
For, in you, I am living.’

Closing the gap between us.

                       © Gwen Grant

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