CIRCLING ROUND                                       

 Sometimes lovers are surprised
By their own ardent fire,
Scorched by the ferocity of the flame
Blazing in them.
Until, flying too close to this new sun,
They are wrecked and wounded by rejection.

But lovers wind the thin linen of consolation
Around a damaged heart.
Forgiving unfulfilled promises,
Waiting it out.
Sure the beloved will ease their pain,
Turn back to them.

For this is the love they have waited for.
So no wound, mortal or easeful,
Will ever wrest it from them.
Nothing will stop their suffering,
For pain is part of love’s package,
And lovers drown in desire
Until desire destroys them.

Lost love is a bad dream,
Rejected love, a nightmare.
Only when the ecstasy burns out,
The flame turns to ash, the fire to cinders,
And the old love done with,
Can a new and g
lorious passion begin. 

                                    © Gwen Grant

4 thoughts on “CIRCLING ROUND

  1. Is there any chance that the Private—Keep Out trilogy will be reissued as ebooks or in print? After seeing them mentioned on the Clothes in Books blog, I’d love to read them! Thank you.


  2. Thanks for this, Peggy, and I’ve read the Clothes blog (which I didn’t know about), and, yes, PRIVATE-KEEP OUT is coming out next March in the Penguin Vintage Children’s Classics. I’m not sure yet about the two further books in the Trilogy KNOCK AND WAIT and ONE WAY ONLY. The poem I’m putting up today relates to my experience at the Open Air School. Best wishes, Gwen.


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