Watching the train
Sweeping into the station.

Masked faces
Staring through dusty windows.

Doors slamming,
Engine roaring.

Wishing with all their heart
They were on that train
Pulling away.

         ©2020 Gwen Grant

9 thoughts on “WISHFUL THINKING

  1. It’s up to us to find our way around all this red tape, police tape, bio hazard tape. …..
    We mustn’t imprison ourselves, therein lies a living death.
    Dig out your winter woollies and get out if you can.

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  2. I couldn’t agree more. We keep looking at Scotland and looking at the trains. Hopefully, in the next couple of weeks after these new restrictions have timed out. Hoping, too, that you’re able to get out and about around that lovely south coast. Gwen.


  3. You won’t get to Scotland on that train Gwen!
    Or maybe it could be a ploy, you might sneak through and evade immigration control?
    I sail the East Coast as that’s where my wee boat lives, but it can wait now until it’s properly cold enough for my winter gear!
    I’m walking with a friend this weekend on Offa’s Dyke, (Welsh border), and sleeping in my bivvy bag.


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