cezanne fruit


There’s no more, is there.
It’s all gone.
The love that was meant
To last a lifetime
Has somehow trickled away.

There’s no help for it,
No healing.
Memory is hopeless,
Desire, useless,
Even though that beauty
You once saw,
You suddenly see again.

It’s too late.
You know it’s touch at fault,
That tingle on the skin
Is missing
And nothing can replace it.
Nothing fill that particular emptiness.

Best look to the sun, then.
Start all over again.
Because love tells us
With absolute certainty,
It’s not going to be dark
For ever.

         ©2020 Gwen Grant.

4 thoughts on “LOVE ONCE AND AGAIN

  1. Thank you for your lovely comment, Samreen. As you say, light does seep in even though when you’re in this state of mind, you do not believe it ever will.

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