trees with light through

Late one evening, we were heading North and we came upon this little
neglected wood at the side of the very quiet road we were travelling on. 
In all the darkness around us, this wood suddenly shone out. 


I saw the light of heaven today
In a dark wood that ran alongside
An old road leading nowhere.
It was around that hour
When the last flare of sun has gone,
So that only darkness was expected.
Darkness, frost and a few delicate,
Bitter drifts of snow
Butting up against the lost

Yet, rounding the corner,
That golden light took me by surprise,
For it set the whole wood shining.
Turning the dot-dash-dazzle
Of snowdrops and the yellow celandine
Into a quilted splendor.
The tall candles of frosty trees
Lighting all the little pathways.

This is the amazing thing,
This pure loveliness is all for us,
A winter gift of love.
But the grace of love has always been
To bring light to a darkness
That would otherwise engulf us.

                                            © 2018 Gwen Grant

20 thoughts on “IN A DARK WOOD

  1. I am so sorry this has happened. But – we are a household of computer dunces
    and I don’t know at all how to put this right. Just glad that you like reading my poems
    in whatever way you can. Not much help, I know and again, sorry!


  2. How kind you are! But, I have since read your other message and we’re going to have
    a go at doing what you suggest. Thank you again.


  3. Well, for the last while, we’ve done our puzzled best but has it worked? Who can tell!
    I hope it has and you are now able to read my poems in comfort. Thank you again for your deeply appreciated kindness.


  4. We think we have done it, thanks to your advice – but – have we? I loved the last blog by
    you about teaching children to be kind and thoughtful. You clearly practice what you preach
    and we are both grateful. I hope we haven’t worn out your strength and your patience!
    Thank you again,


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