Blue stars in the garden,
Touched by the slender light of an icy moon
Trying to contain the storm
Throwing itself into a tantrum,
Breaking all it touched.
Spitefully turning the ruffled cornflowers
Into tiny blue rags
Pressed against earth’s vast darkness.

Howlin’ Wolf roared his blue despair
Into the emptiness he knew lay waiting
Behind the beauty of his own rich singing.
Set on making a cool and glorious
                       stream of melody
To challenge and defeat that darkness.
Make it jump for joy.

The Bluesman adding his song
To the precise and perfect loveliness
Of Lawrence telling of his own blue
                       Bavarian gentian
In the frosty month of September,
Its blue light leading him only into darkness,
Into emptiness,
Where Persephone was called back for ever
And Lawrence called for love.

Yet the Bluesman never stopped singing,
Filling that emptiness with the soul of man.
Bringing light to the darkness.
And Lawrence kept his pen firmly in his fingers,
Adding his song of blue gentians
Flowering in the month of September
To the eternal battle of hope over despair.

                                        © 2020 Gwen Grant

10 thoughts on “SONG OF THE BLUES

  1. Eternity surely depends on perspective.
    In life, for the individual, there is no eternity.
    Even for society it is not guaranteed,
    But in romance it is inescapable.


  2. I like Howlin’ Wolf, he’d be welcome in Penge.
    I heard an owl not too far off last night as it was warm enough to open the window.
    Thanks for the pomes.


  3. I didn’t think you were playing with words. Obviously nothing lasts for ever so I assumed
    you were simply dismissing the idea of an eternity that goes on from one to the other. Gwen.


  4. You know, I think he’d be welcome most anywhere these days, yet these gifted and great
    men and women had to endure segregation. We must be making some progress? Hope
    you’re feeling well. Gwen.


  5. Sorry Gwen,
    You have to walk me through step by step. I took Howlin’ Wolf to be a wolf! I will have to look up Howlin’ when I get time. I’m too young!


  6. You’re always making me laugh! Howlin’ Wolf is a famous Blues singer. He’s a raw singer
    and a very clear and powerful one. He has the habit when he reaches what is clearly a deeply
    felt emotional or melodic phrase of simply roaring it. There doesn’t seem any kind of connection between him and DH Lawrence but they both speak to me in the same language.
    Gwen. (Bet you disagree!!!)


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