When I was a girl, my father kept aviaries of canaries and budgerigars.  He loved these little birds and I loved to see them darting about like so many tiny bright arrows.  I remember the parrot but it didn’t belong to us and now I have no idea who brought it into the house.   I think it must have only been staying for a short time because, apart from this one vivid memory, it was gone.  I would translate these birds into bits of writing and even now, when I look at a page, I can still sometimes see golden full stops, exotic blue and green commas and semi-colons and the odd dazzling colour of the exclamation mark! Wishing everyone a safe and happy New year and may every day be a good writing day.

                  WRITING DAYS

There were canaries through all those years,
Endlessly flying down the days
Like little golden full stops
At the end of a sentence.

There were budgerigars, too.
Blue and green, chittering and chattering
Like commas or semi-colons
Taming an especially unruly paragraph.

And there was one great question mark of a parrot.
Where did he come from?
Who brought him in?
Sitting wherever he chose,
Staring at us with a cool, sardonic eye.
Shouting and swearing,
‘Shivering his timbers,’
Like some old sea tossed sailor.
Every squawk an exclamation mark on a really
Exciting piece of writing.

But I liked the little wren
Singing in the garden,
Startling the silence
Like a poem.

                                     © 2018 Gwen Grant  

12 thoughts on “WRITING DAYS

  1. Thank you so much for your comment, Colin. It ‘s cheered me up because I’ve started on
    a new book so your words are very encouraging. Wishing you a joyful and healthy new year.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a beautiful poem Gwen, lovely to read and imagine those little birds flying, chittering and chattering. 😊 Your words breathe life. ❤️ I came here to wish you new year and saw your post. 🙂
    Happy new year Gwen to you and your loved ones💐🤗 stay safe and happy 🌺


  3. dear Samreen, I am so glad you liked the poem. I think often of those years when we take everything for granted and are sure nothing will ever change. May you and yours have a peaceful and joyful New year full of blessings.


  4. You are so kind, dear gayatribagayatkar, and I am so happy that you like my poems.
    Writing them takes me back to the time itself and makes the memories new. May you and those you love have a joyous and safe New Year.

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  5. So glad you like the poems, Grammy, yet I remember sometimes getting a bit impatient
    with them all. Especially the parrot! I wouldn’t now! Happy new year.


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