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Old Friends and new friends,
Lovers of the past and Lovers of the future,
Tellers of long stories and short ones,
Writers of diaries and letters,
These are the quiet narrators
Of those who share their journey. 

Every single one remembered
In one thankful dash of the pen.
Ready to catch them
On stone, papyrus or paper.
Ready to be passed on from one to the other .

There to live again, now and for ever,
At least, almost  for ever. 

                             © 2021 Gwen Grant.

15 thoughts on “MEMORY’S LITTLE HELPER 

  1. Glad you liked it and your comment is much appreciated. It just seems that even in these strange times, the days are going so fast and so much is changing, we need memory more than ever. Gwen.

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  2. Memories are always etched in our hearts, some good, some bad in their own way, time and again they come out and make us live through the past. 😊 Beautifully written Gwen❤️


  3. You can be thinking of something else altogether when as you say, Samreen, memories
    come back and in a moment we’re living again in that time and place. Altogether a mystery. So
    glad you liked it.


  4. Poetry gives us a second life. In a way, words are immortal… As the Ancient Greek poetess Sappho had famously said, “Someone, I tell you, in another time will remember us.” I will certainly remember your beautiful poem for a long time, Gwen. ❤️


  5. Lovely how words connect down the centuries. I was glad to hear Sappho’s words. Glad,
    too, that you liked the poem. Every good wish for your return to Canada, veronica, and a continuance of your life there.

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  6. So glad you liked it. I’ve been reading in your blog and enjoying your posts all over again,
    especially this new one about roti’s! Good health and happiness for 2021.

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  7. I have absolutely no suggestions to make about your blog because I think they’re great.
    Wise, compassionate and very aware, they must help everyone who reads them.
    very caring.

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