Another spiteful day
Of bitter wind,
With ice
In the rain.

The only colour,
Small shoots
Of green wheat
Pushing through
Frozen ground.

The only comfort,
Your warm fingers
Curling around

The only joy,
Your mouth
Hot as sunshine,
Bringing my cold lips
To life.
         Β© 2021 Gwen Grant

10 thoughts on “WINTER DAY

  1. Would that I could give this two stars for it is lovely, and makes me feel better.
    For now, the winter without has gone, but the winter within retains its icy claws.


  2. But the mandolin will help. I’m sure. It’s such lovely dancing music. I’m glad you liked
    the poem and thank you for commenting.


  3. You are so very, very welcome!! It was a delight to read – conjured up just the right emotions πŸ™‚
    I hope the writing is going as well as you’d hope? Stay well! πŸ™‚


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