When it’s all over bar the shouting,
When the last tear has fallen
And the shocked heart has settled
Once more to its beating.
When the requiem for the lost
Has played its final bleak murmuring
And sorrow brings the broken to their knees,
That is when all that is left is love,
Love is all that is left.

But what good is left-over love
To the shattered heart?
What good is hope
Lying broken in the darkness?

Out of the darkness come the rains
To fill the dry beds of rivers
With water moving silky as young women sleeping,
Rolling and twisting, twisting and turning,
Their long bony feet stretching thinly behind them;
When trees come to leaf like young men leaping
Up branches to touch the first floor of heaven,
Strong hands full of leaves, now full of flowerings
And dry deserts blooming.

So when all is said and done,
The requiem over and silence soft fallen.
That is when all that is left is love
And love is all.

©2019 Gwen Grant

13 thoughts on “OUT OF THE DARKNESS

  1. How cheering is your comment! I was just passing my office before going out for coffee!
    Thank you. So glad you liked it. Keep safe and well with this wretched Delta virus prowling about.


  2. You are most welcome!!
    We have rain here for the first time in weeks – it is surprising how quickly one gets used to the summer sunshine haha. It feels like being shortchanged when the grey clouds reappear 😉


  3. I hope my poem gave you as much pleasure as your posts do for me. Such a beautiful country
    and so beautifully captured. Thanks again.


  4. So happy you liked the poem, Samreen. I’m well, thank you, and hope that you are safe and
    well also. What a dreadful time it has been.


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