Yesterday’s Dreams

The dark red dahlias seem always to be the last flower to

give in to the onset of winter with their big shaggy heads and firm

stems and dark strong leaves, yet often when they have given up,

one small daisy appears, sometime even with pink tingeing their

tiny petals, as if in complete defiance of the frost.


This garden is in retreat,
Dark red dahlias heralding the end.
Yesterday’s dreams already lying down
With their heads on the pillow. 

A hard frost killed the pale roses.

But this garden acknowledges no retreat,
Defiantly flowering one final daisy.
Today’s dreams already on their toes,
 Waiting to get a move on. 

                        ©2019 Gwen Grant

2 thoughts on “Yesterday’s Dreams

  1. Ah! But… the chrysanthemums

    Through the slow summer, when the sun
    Called to each frond and whorl
    That all he could for flowers was being done,
    Why did it not uncurl?

    It must have felt that fervid call
    Although it took no heed,
    Waking but now, when leaves like corpses fall,
    And saps all retrocede.

    – Thomas Hardy


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