At this time in the UK, we have Armistice Day, which is the 11th day
of the 11th month, when we observe two minutes silence in love
and remembrance of all those who have died in war and other
conflicts.  I wrote this poem to remember all those who are no
longer with us.    


Now this hour has come
And he has gone.
Slipped the ties that moored him
To this, our common land.
And we, who have come
To salute him, have come late,
For he has already set his course
Into the morning sun.

He was valiant,
As are all who sail
These uncharted seas.
But we who have helped him 
Fashion his life barque
With faith and hope and love,
Together have made it strong.
Strong enough
To take him safely home.

Battalions go out to meet him,
To lead him
Into quiet harbour
On that sun-drenched shore
Where he waits for us.
But now, he turns and smiles,
And that most dear and valiant heart,
In his turn, salutes us.

                               ©GWEN GRANT




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