I THINK OF LOVE 

On this dark night as I lay in my bed,
The starry sky above me,
Stars falling into the slow cold sea,
Making mermaids with pink shelled fingers,
Catching mermen rolling shells of moonlight
Onto a silent silvered shore,
On this dazzling night of a slow sea whispering,
I think of love. 

Riffling through my dreams,
I remember days so bitter, my soul wept.
I call back days of sunlight and glory,
Sparkling still in kindly splendour
As I remember,
As I think of love. 

Then to the small flower
Pressed between thin pages of a book I love.
Love meeting love.
Scarlet once, now all radiance gone,
This little bud faded to a crumpled petal
As delicate as a strand of mermaid’s hair,
Serenely floating through stormy water,
Yet with the power to scent the years to come. 

And I think of love,
As stars fall and dazzle the darkness,
As the slow cold sea whispers
Love is a victory,
Love is a story,
Love is a song written by lovers,
Sung by love. 

And I think of love. 

                                   © Gwen Grant

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