I have now seen so many new years, I almost feel as if I glitter with the sprinkled dust of long experience. Still, as the old saying goes, ‘There may be snow on the chimney but there’s a fire in the hearth.’  Wishing a fire in the hearth for everyone and very little snow.

           TIME AND AGAIN  

All the quiet hours
Have slipped away,
The laughing and the weeping

Whirled into nothingness,
But love remains,
Burning with the desire
To create a new reality.

We can change nothing that has gone,
Yet as unblemished time
Stretches out before us,
We are impatient,
Longing to tumble down
Those promised days.
Hold the hours together,
Holding on for each other,
Bringing hope,
Bringing love that changes everything.
                                 © Gwen Grant

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