This little seahorse,
Stitched to the linen
In my fingers,
With gold thread, silver, and a blue
So deep,
It promises unassailable peace. 

This tiny creature,
Delicate as kindness,
Moves through the darkest water,
Holding on to the hope
Of the next sunlit morning. 

Its fragile strength
Defeating the stormiest sea. 

                               © Gwen Grant

4 thoughts on “SEAHORSE MOVING

  1. This is written so pensively! I love your writing style and the concepts you choose. Maybe you can take a look at some of poetry and give some feedback and support. But I look forward to more of your posts !


  2. You’re doing very well on your own, Zoha. I like your poems. They come from the heart and the reader can feel the pain behind them. The best way to learn with poetry is to read as much as you can. Join the National Poetry Society and talk to other poets. Thank you for your kind words. Gwen.

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