moon shining down

                WELCOME HOME

If only we could sing that song again,
The dispossessed said to their reflection.
You know, the one about a shed, a house, a home.
A shelter we could call our own,
A safe place to live in.
Though, obviously, that’s not happening.

Still, opening their mouths,
They began to sing with a bit of a quaver,
About a home.


That place where the poet said
They had to let you in.
‘Not in our experience,’ the refugees sighed.
Then fell silent, considering.
Which, frankly, didn’t change a thing
For there was only a handful listening.

Still they keep on singing.

                                                 ©2019 Gwen Grant

4 thoughts on “WELCOME HOME

  1. If only there weren’t any refugees to write about and they were all at home. Glad you liked
    the poem.


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