sunflowers. hunsertwasserHundertwasser


Make this Spring song
A long song,
Make it wild and high
Like a new wind
Whistling old memories
Of elephants
Treading over mountains.

Make it a song
Of seas
Brimming with whales,
Starfish and monsters,
Of ghostly ships sailing
Decked with cobwebs
And old bones rattling.

Make it a song
Of people singing,
Of kind words,
Of gentle hands helping.

Make this Spring song
A long song
Of tenderness,
Of laughter,
With no surprises
Of goblins
Hiding in corners.

Make it a song
Of love.

                      ©2020 Gwen Grant

3 thoughts on “SPRING SONG

  1. Doubly so in the light of what’s happened since. So glad you liked it. We can, at least, look forward to long and lovely days when we’re back to normal. Gwen.


  2. When this present situation is past, there’ll be long summer days, hopefully.
    Looking forward to that, anyway, and thank your for your comment.


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