Erase the night,
For who is this that we hear calling?
Only the shadows of our dreams.

They cannot escape,
No freedom for them.
Nothing but starlight and long, dark pavements
They cannot walk upon,
Cannot run down, arms wide,
Faces alight with the memory
Of the half world they live in.

Shadows surely do not have a voice
To whisper words that stop us in our tracks.
Yet they haunt us.
Remain resistant to all that can be done
To chase them away.
To silence those memories of what is forever lost.

Do not forbid them, for when they want,
They turn us from sorrow and melancholy,
From terror and lost tears,
To remembrance  of a love and loveliness
We never want to forget.

Let the night come, then.
Let the shadows of our dreams walk among us,
Knowing they all belong to yesterday
And new days are yet to come.

                              © 2020 Gwen Grant

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