When I was a child, there was an Apothecary’s shop in our town.
Walking in there was walking into a different world and I was
always surprised to come out and find the ordinary, familiar street
waiting just where I had left it. 


So much of yesterday has gone into today
That even as dawn lifts the darkness
We are left behind, caught in the past,
Half looking for a way out,
Half longing to stay where we are.

Memories, brightened with a spit and polish
To smarten them up,
Clear away time’s dust that we may see them fully.
As if we ever could.

Our minds are apothecary’s chests,
Full of deep drawers marked in neat Latin print,
Happiness.  Joy.  Regret.  Grief.  Sorrow.
Where in the deepest drawer of all,
The one that runs right along the top,
Is love, that let’s yesterday fade away
And today take over.

                           ©2020 Gwen Grant.

All material on this blog is copyright but if anyone wants
to use part of it, then please get in touch.

3 thoughts on “LIVE THE MOMENT

  1. Yes,
    My dear wife and I had a terrible row yesterday but today it has been filed in another of those drawers and we are saved by a deep store of love.


  2. It seems to me the past can rob you of the present and the future, if you let it. I speak with experience, sadly.


  3. I am sorry, I believe you. But I also believe you have a present and therefore you also have a future, even if not the one you would choose.


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