bird in rain


       RAINY DAYS 

Rain Birds
Balancing on the washing line,
Until the wind
Blows them off. 

Rain witches
Swooping down in showers
Of grey drops
And dying leaves. 

Rain ghosts
Tapping on the window,
Not stopping
Until someone lets them in. 

Bringing old memories made new.
Your hair beaded
With raindrops,
Your smile
utting the grey day
To shame. 

Open the window,

                 © 2020 Gwen Grant

9 thoughts on “RAINY DAYS

  1. Thank you, Sundaram. But you’re no slouch. The clarity and melody of your prose stands out. I think writers are very like greengrocers with the balancing, the choosing, the careful placing of each word! Glad you liked the poem and thank you again.


  2. You’re welcome Gwen…and yes it’s a never ending process of balancing the words, and shuffling the sentences to make them look and flow the best, and most impactful. That’s all the joy we seek…☺🍀☺🙏


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