October mornings,
All hung about
With mist and first frosts.

Small cold creatures
Finding shelter
In the Michaelmas daisies,
In the glowing dahlias,
Mistaking these golden flowers
For the sun.

The sharp scent of mint,
A fading wisp
Of left-over summer.

© Gwen Grant 2020

10 thoughts on “OCTOBER MORNINGS

  1. This is a quite lovely poem. About Octobers past as far as the weather seems here. 78F/26C here in NY where by now we should have had a some cool days and even a frost. Not this year. hardly a day when it did not top 70F/21C.

    I love how all the recipe sites are chattering on about the joys of fall veggies and crisp autumn days and slow bakes/ braises and roasts etc. And outside it’s still sweating weather in spite of the shorter hours of daylight.

    Nonetheless – the “mists and first frosts” of your poem reside in memory at least. And there’s still time. And then November.


  2. Glad you liked the poem, Josie. We used to flinch when brussels appeared on the dinner table but as my brother worked on a farm, there they were!


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