quiet cottage


The space between words
Is a place of great comfort,
Where the mind can rest
And the eye assess
What is to come.
To prepare for the future.
So it is with prayer.

For prayer is the space
Between being and doing.
A place of great quietness
Where the heart can find ease,
Mind and soul
Find new strength
To face whatever lies in front of us.

                                   ©2019 Gwen Grant

6 thoughts on “QUIET SPACE

  1. Please Gwen,
    Don’t show me pictures like that when I have used up all my holidays.
    I don’t find, or make time for prayer, and I fail to see the space between words.
    In this ONE regard I look forward to old age.
    Lovely poem.


  2. SO sorry! I know how you feel as we’re longing to pack a bag and head North, we
    well. Glad you liked the poem. The picture brought back memories of happy
    days on those hills. And now we’re Tier 3! What next?

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Absolute truth, prayers can change everything, they comfort us in our dark times with hope that things will be fine and in happy times this assurance that things will stay as such. 😊♥️
    Lovely Gwen🌷


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