When I was a child, I was sent away for a year for my health.
Everything there was the exact opposite to my home.  No
bright colours as at home and, of course, with so many
children to care for, instead of love, there was an impartial
interest and care.  There are many times we would not go
back to and this was one of them.


Last night,
The apple tree turned white,
Its wide skirts trembling
As if some fabulous ballerina
Was dancing over the grass.

For a moment,
I was taken back
To my childhood.
Looking at an apple tree
Through a window,
Where my finger nail
Scraped long strands of frost.

Before the next winter’s frost,
I was a long way from home.

A long way from love and colour,
Close to dark uniforms,
To squares of aprons
Crackling in snowy starchiness.
White caps like fearful torches
Breaking the dusky violet night,
Making me weep for home.

Now making me glad that none of us

Can inhabit the past.

©2019 Gwen Grant

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