Summer bug flattened me! Here’s how I feel now!


Whirling in a jewel box
Feel no more at home
Than we do,
In this jewel box of a world.

But we dance
To a different tune to them.
We dance
To melodies that are beaten
Into the earth.
To rhythms
That nourish coloured leaves
And unveil flowers
Scenting the air around us.

Jerk their little limbs
As they are ordered.
But denying bullet and bomb
Whatever victory they are seeking,
We dance,
Moving in the warmth and strength
Of an all absorbing love.

                          ©2018 Gwen Grant

9 thoughts on “DANCING

  1. So very sorry to have bothered you. Nothing has come through so I accept it’s gone for ever!. Thank you for trying to help. Much appreciated.


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