The pheasant
In her plain brown dress
Stands still and silent
On the frost,
Thick now
As once fast fallen snow.

Fog, thin as water,
Pulled out the sun
To shine
A pale and fretful fist
Of warmth,
That never touched
The frozen grass.

Sheep watch,
As wild and hungry cat
Leaves paw prints
Down a shining path
Making straight
For that plain brown dress,
Startling now
With blood.

Pheasant small
And plumply fat,
Deny the wild and hungry cat
His breakfast.

Run, little pheasant, run.

© 2021 Gwen Grant

If you wish to use any of my work, please contact me.
All work is copyright.

3 thoughts on “PLAIN BROWN DRESS

  1. Hello
    What happened?
    Until a few minutes ago you were my follower and now you are not anymore.
    This thing makes me very sorry because I am your follower and I follow you with pleasure.
    Did you accidentally click the follow button 2 times?
    Let me know, please


  2. This is as much a surprise to me as it is to you. Natalia. My computer has been acting up –
    well not my computer but Plusnet. I have two Likes from you so I’m going to click on them and
    surely, we should go back to normal. Let me know if it doesn’t. I love your Blog.

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