quiet cottage


The space between words
Is a place of great comfort,
Where the mind can rest
And the eye assess
What is to come.
To prepare for the future.
So it is with prayer.

For prayer is the space
Between being and doing.
A place of great quietness
Where the heart can find ease,
Mind and soul
Find new strength
To face whatever lies in front of us.

                                   ©2019 Gwen Grant

4 thoughts on “QUIET SPACE

  1. And the same applies to reading, but I have so little time for being and reading and prayer, time only really for doing, and often doing as others will have me do.
    But now it’s off to the apple tree on the allotment to collect wind fallen offerings, and to relieve the pear tree of the last of its load. And surely time enough for me to be within that task, if I can only remember that I am being, and know I am so blessed.
    Sorry, a bit waffly, but you might understand.
    Best wishes.

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