byland Abbey

             OLD GLORY

These tall old walls to faith,
Shadows crowding empty doorways,
Windows open to the world,
Still have an aloof calm.
What can we, shimmers of starlight, get from them?

Cold stones and old glory.

                © 2020 Gwen Grant

5 thoughts on “OLD GLORY

  1. When you stand inside these ruins, it feels as if the whole history of the building and all the people who
    inhabited it are still there. Wonderful places. Inspiring.

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  2. Primaeval rocks form the road’s steep border,
    And much have they faced there, first and last,
    Of the transitory in Earth’s long order ;
    But what they record in colour and cast
    Is—that we two passed.

    from At Castle Boterel, Thomas Hardy

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  3. Well, this is lovely! Thank you so much. Hardy’s poems tend to stick in the mind, giving a long blessing and grace.
    When I was about ten, I read his ‘I remember, I remember, the house where I was born,’ and it’s been with me ever

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